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Tuesdays, in my opinion, are worse than Mondays.  I’m usually imbued with a sense of optimism on Mondays, a sense of “let’s totally kick this weeks ASS!  I’m gonna get so much stuff DONE!”

That lasts until about Monday night, when I am dead tired and I have to take pictures of stupid furniture and post them on Craigslist and argue with H about prices…(can you guess what I did last night?).  But it wasn’t just last night.  It’s Monday nights as a whole.  The whole burden of an entire week to go before the weekend hits me, and I am not a happy camper.

Which explains my stance on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays: the bleakest days of the week.  Unless you attend St. Lawrence University, where Tuesdays are the magical “Senior Blues” night at the local bar, night of $1 Labatts (we were close to Canada, okay?).  Suffice it to say Tuesday nights are awesome for Larries.  And hazy.

Sadly, I’m not at St. Lawrence anymore, and I definitely don’t go out boozing heavily on Tuesday nights.  I wish, on both accounts.

Instead, I will most likely spend my Tuesday night watching this on repeat as I irately shove kitchenware into cardboard boxes.  Welcome to post-collegiate life.  Word to the wise: never graduate. Cause they sure as hell don’t sell beer for a dollar in New York City.


Edit:  This vid was brought to my attention by my littlest sister.  Props, C.  Better now?


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No, not diamonds (although I am fully confident I could write an entire post on that topic, too! And maybe I will, some day, when I have a diamond all my own….AHEM.)

What I’m talking about is dogs.  More specifically, PUPPIES.

It’s slow here at work today…and after I’ve exhausted my go-to amusement websites (Gawker, NY Magazine, Facebook, Twitter), my mind turns to little furry bundles of joy.  I start puppy-stalking.

Growing up, my family always had a dog.  There was Tiny, the psychotic beagle.  Casey, the doofy easy-going English Cocker Spaniel.  Libby, the ladylike and graceful Chow-Lab mix.  I refuse to mention the current dog in our family since he is not actually ‘mine’ and he’s the worst dog in the history of the planet.  I am not exaggerating.

They were all good pets in their own ways (minus he-who-shall-not-be-named), and I think that having a dog around made for a much better childhood (minus the fighting about who walks the poor thing.  That was always a big issue in our house, because we are a family of lazy-bones).  Now that I am out on my own, I find myself missing having a pet.  And so for the past few months I have had puppies on the brain.

At first I was insistent: medium sized, non-white (white dogs are yucky), non-shedding.  Because dog hair grosses me OUT.  I have had enough years of plucking (or having people pluck) long black dog hairs from my clothing/belongings with a disgusted expression.  Bleckkk.  So my solution?

How can you resist?!

ARE YOU DYING FROM CUTENESS?!  This guy is a Schnauzer.  I am a big fan.  They don’t shed, they aren’t too big (unless you get a Giant Schnau, and why you’d ever do that I don’t know), and they are smart and good-natured.  Apparently.  My aunt and uncle (Hi Aunt Lisa & Uncle Chris!) have a Schnauzer and he is just precious.

However, as I gushed about Schnauzers and Schnauzer mixes (please, do yourself a favor and google “schnoodles”.  Your day will be made), my darling H started complaining.  You see, he grew up with small dogs.  His currently “girlfriend” (and I’m not talking about myself here) is a Rat Terrier named Penny who lives with his parents in Massachusetts.  Small dogs are easier, says H.  Small dogs don’t wreak havoc like bigger dogs, says H.  Small dogs are smart, says H.

Well FINE.  I was pretty biased, since every small dog I’ve ever met has been sort of ‘eh’.  But being the open-minded girl that I am I started casually perusing dogs of the smaller variety.  And what did I come across?  Ladies and gentlemen: I give you, the Morkie.


And just because I can’t resist, here is another.

Oh Hai!

I literally cannot breathe due to how freaking cute this things are.  YES they are ‘designer dogs’ and YES they could potentially fit into an obnoxious purse, but let’s not judge.  I never thought I would be a small-dog kind of girl, but dare I say I am being convinced by every new Morkie I see.

There are so many more contenders.  The noble Cock-a-poo.  The playful Pomeranian.  This blog could be entirely dedicated to puppies and I wouldn’t have enough space to show all the ones I love (by the way, there is a blog entirely dedicated to puppies: thedailypuppy.com)

Sadly though, I live in the real world.  And in the real world, puppies are expensive to both purchase and to keep.  They require an owner who can hang out with them, rather than work from 9-5.  They are loads of responsibility.  And they need a landlord who allows them in apartments.  None of these things really mesh with my lifestyle right now.

So I guess I remain puppy-less. Sigh.  Browsing petfinder.com (it will break your heart, beware) will have to suffice, for now.

But my puppy biological clock is ticking.  And it’s only getting louder.

PS: If I hear one ‘that is a rat’ comment about my beloved Morkies I will sever friendships without a second thought.  Don’t even try.

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